UBERDOC News: Q&A with Paula Muto, CEO and Founder

Dr. Paula Muto, CEO and Founder of UBERDOC-Telemedicine and Telehealth

UBERDOC Founder and CEO, Dr. Paula Muto was interviewed earlier this week by The Healthcare Report. In her interview, Dr. Muto focused on highlighting the benefits of Telehealth and Telemedicine for the healthcare system, especially considering the lasting effects COVID-19 has had on the World. As Dr. Muto mentioned in her interview that,“[A]s consumers recognize better, more convenient, and less expensive options, they will drive the next generation of care.” With this in mind, it’s no wonder how the Healthcare system will benefit from telehealth service providers like UBERDOC.

 UBERDOC’s mission is to connect Patients with nearby Doctors, without the hassle and stress of trying to go through a specific Hospital or Insurance Group. For those without insurance, time, or medical know-how, UBERDOC provides a Directory of resources to help you find the best Doctor for your needs. Then, once the Patient has found a Doctor near them, they can book with them, all within 24 hours! The goal here is that by creating a reliable and quick channel for Doctors to connect with their Patients, people can have the freedom to find the healthcare they need before it’s too late. 

Would you like to learn more about what UBERDOC can do for your business or yourself? Feel free to visit our homepage and discover the ways we put our Patients first. Telehealth and telemedicine can be hard to navigate on your own. That’s why UBERDOC helps you answer the question, “How can I find a Doctor near me?” Now you can spend more time getting the help you need and less time worrying.