Frequently Asked Questions

UBERDOC is where direct-pay patients go to find the care they need without the barriers that limit choice, cause delay, and cost more. We’re building a fee-for-service model that re-establishes an efficient and direct-connection between doctor and patient—the way healthcare was meant to be.

The UBERDOC Direct-Pay Healthcare Platform is a powerful solution that drives new direct-pay patients to member practices, supports online scheduling, manages payment processing, and offers a host of additional capabilities, including telemedicine, to amplify your practice’s success.

UBERDOC generates immediate revenue from patients who are willing to pay cash for convenience. This fee-for-service model removes the hassles of coding, billing, denials and collections, while attracting new patients.

You can get started by creating your free UBERDOC profile. We have additional subscription plans for physicians who would like to personalize their digital office and offerings. 

Physicians must be board certified and licensed to participate. There are board certification exceptions for Dentists, Optometrists and Psychologists.

You can get started with UBERDOC by providing some basic information about you and your practice. When your profile is live, our team gets to work. We drive direct-pay patients to your UBERDOC profile through targeted marketing + advertising. 

When a patient finds you on UBERDOC and is interested in one of the appointment times you have made available, they book that appointment and confirm payment method electronically in advance of the appointment date. When this happens, you will be notified via email and given the opportunity to accept or decline the appointment.

When the patient arrives for their appointment, all you have to do is focus on providing the best possible care—the way healthcare was meant to be.

Immediately following the completion of your visit, payment will be remitted electronically to your designated payment account.

You will be notified via email when you have an appointment request. You may also opt-in for SMS notifications.

You will have the option to cancel an appointment on your UBERDOC dashboard. The patient will be refunded entirely.

Patients can cancel an appointment up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund. If canceled less than 24 hours prior, the patient forfeits the appointment hold fee.

If a patient does not show for a scheduled appointment, they forfeit the hold fee.

Your fee will automatically default to $250. You are able to change the price of your fee in your UBERDOC account. 

You’re perfect for UBERDOC! As few as one appointment slot per week allows you to be visible on the directory. If an appointment request comes in for a time that does not work for your schedule, you can simply reject or reschedule the request. UBERDOC guarantees that even in a busy practice, a patient doesn’t have to wait.

You can set your appointment duration as 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Your fee does not change based on appointment duration.

It is the physician’s discretion what is included in an UBERDOC appointment. If any procedures are required, you can bill the patient’s insurance or they can pay you directly. 

Any subsequent care can be through insurance.

You will be supplying your own malpractice insurance for your UBERDOC appointments. 

All payments are made via direct-deposit, and handled securely through a third-party payment processor, Stripe.

Stripe takes a ~3.5% transaction fee per appointment.

Your appointment request will indicate if the patient has Medicare with a bold “M”. If you are a Medicare provider, the patient pays only $50 to schedule using the UBERDOC platform, and then you bill Medicare for the visit. If you are not a Medicare provider, you can reject the request or reach out to the patient directly to notify them that they will be required to pay the entire appointment fee. 

As a telemedicine physician, patients must be located in a state you have a medical license in, in order to provide a virtual appointment. You will be filtered on the UBERDOC platform based on the states you have active medical licenses in. 

Yes! UBERDOC offers a HIPAA-compliant, telemedicine solution that includes all of the features you need to support a successful virtual practice. Learn more about our Engage and Engage Pro Telemedicine plans.

Yes! You are welcome to use your own telemedicine platform for UBERDOC appointments. 

If you have questions or would like to change your subscription, please email our Customer Success Team directly at

If you would like to cancel your subscription, please complete our cancellation request form.