While our network is primarily based in the US, there is significant demand for international consultation. UBERDOC has begun a pilot program in India, for patients that are seeking second opinions from US-based physicians. We are looking for doctors who are willing to help us launch this initiative. This opportunity is free of charge for you. Consults would be facilitated by our partner physicians in India to ensure appropriate communication and time zones. All payments will be made immediately via the patient’s credit card directly to the physician through the UBERDOC platform. As this is a beta test, we will welcome any and all constructive feedback. Complete the form below to start your physician profile!

Participating Physicians Do Not Provide Diagnosis Treatment Perscriptions

1. Physician is listed on the UBERDOC platform for telemedicine consults with availability.
2. UBERDOC will reach out to physician to see if they would like to participate in consultation.
3. The patients will schedule appointment on UBERDOC platform.
4. UBERDOC will share with you and the patient the HIPPA compliant Zoom link for the visit.
5. All payment processing will occur through the UBERDOC platform.

Our partners in India have informed us that the treating physician in India will be present in the call. By having the treating physician in the visit as well, it mitigates the need for UBERDOC physicians to have a license in India and puts the liability on the treating physician from India as they are the one providing the actual treatments and care. UBERDOC physicians do not provide a treatment, only an opinion.

Yes, all payment processing will occur through the UBERDOC platform. You will need to complete your physician profile to participate in the UBERDOC second opinion network. Your physician profile allows you to set your availability on the platform for patients to review. All UBERDOC patients schedule appointments on the UBERDOC platform and wait for your approval before moving forward. We have a huge demand for physician specialists to list their practice on UBERDOC not only for our second opinion network, but for general physician consultations across the United States.  

No, we do not require you to send us any notes, just document how you normally would. 

You will not have a set time for completing international consultations but average visit is about 30-60 mins. 

Yes, you will have a copy of the patients record in advance to review.

Please compete the following form and an UBERDOC representative will be in touch shortly!